Lolita's Art Blog: November 2010

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Visual Journal

This is some of my architecture sketch and concept.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Studio Project--Space in Space pocess 2

This is only a small part of my final project, I'm going to make more sculpture like this idea to create more space. Reflective material seems works really good.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Thinking from Film making:)

I just finished a short film making:). This is a project did by a friend and I act the main female character in it.
Today 2:00pm when I arrived our film scene all the stage set have already set up. It was the first time I saw the real professional film camera and some strange stage tools I couldn't name them like a guy was holding something like a hairy grey mop all the time. But it was cool to see all these facilities and how people run the film thing.
We have to film the scene again because I need to exaggrate my acting. I have to admit that I'm not the kinda person who's good at exaggrating. I mean in real life I just being who I am or when I tell a thing I try not to use the extraodinary words like: fantastic, amazing, fabulous, unbelievable,etc. I can hear those extreme words all over the street when I walk outside. Things like "I went to the concert yesterday, Oh my god it was A-mazing." or "I had the rogen josh curry it was absolutely gorgeous! " It sounds alright when you hear that for a coulp of times and you will can't help asking:"really?" but when you find out people describe everything they think it's good you feel like where all these gorgeous come from all over the world and I can hardly see one? Then I found out it's not because i'm too picky about things it's the problem of the way they express things. I know that kind of words might make things sound cool and it's really easy to express but I just think nothing is perfect in the world and I prefer to describe few detailed things to make that sounds more real and specific to people. 
So lets's have a look at "I had the rogen josh curry it was absolutely gorgeous!" and "I had a spicy rogen josh curry which made of juicy tomato and soft lamb in it, with a crisp cheese nan served warm." I believe I don't have to say more.
I have a friend who ever said to me quite few times that "you are a wonderful wonderful girl." I was very happy and flatterd when I heard this and couldnt help thinking how special I am to him.I though I knew how significant the word wonderful means. Then I found out he said "you are a wonderful woman/girl/person" to all the people whenever he feels happy. So from then on that word isn't that meaningful to me anymore or at least not anymore from him.
Is it because our life is too speed-up so people don't think about their expression more? Less people have time to pay attention that how intriguing that human have the ability of using a language is? Or am I too cautious or sensitive?
Anyway it was a good filming day:) Fresh experience with agreeable director and considerable people who expain all the things to me.
Here's a image of my mosaic sculpture I'm working on now

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Working process 1

Sometime working in the studio can be boring even I like making things but but but the thing is you have to go through the boring part to get the interesting part.
Same theory for anything and that's why I guess most ordinary people just being ordinary. I mean how many people have you met in your life who have said things like, "I had that idea", "I knew about that", or "I was so close but I gave up". I think sometimes the difference between success and failure, winning and losing, is a very fine line between those people who'll continue to move forward.

Painting--Just a little bit Christmas warm

These are some acrylic and oil paintings I did.  I was really interested in creat space by using light and shadow. And the feeling thing. Warm and soft. lonely maybe. One of my favourate artist is Edward Hopper. I'm fasinated about him. And it's a really interesting thing to look into our internal spirit world by painting. I hope you enjoy my painting

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Architecture Design--solar energy building

The inspiration is from water. The innovation idea of this design is to absorb the sunlight as much as it can. So the wall is made of special glass which can transform sunshine into energy and I'm thinking of the solar energy machine installation on the roof.
This is the hand drawing sketch about the development of my concept

Model building process

Final work

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Dream Box--Installation work

Material: glass, wood, light bulb, card paper

On my way series--Digital media+drawing design 2010

This is a series of digital media design I did this year. I developed the character of this girl and did a series drawings of her which is more like keep a diary of her in my sketchbook. Then I use photoshop to process the images